Welcome to the website of guitarist Martin Cliffe!

Martin is a rock guitarist from the UK, now based in Hong Kong. Thanks for visiting this website!

On this website you will find all the information you need on Martin's playing, equipment and career. It acts as a portal to his extensive social media network, details past, current and future musical projects, and provides information on how to hire Martin for your next recording project, gig, or maybe just for some guitar lessons.

Martin is a versatile guitarist with more than 20 years experience performing live and in the recording studio, playing blues, jazz, classic rock, metal and progressive rock music to thousands of people across the UK. He is an RJM Music Technology artist and as leader of the band Voyager Project he recorded and produced two critically acclaimed albums, Where Angels Fear To Tread (2010) and We're Not Alone (2011).

August of 2013 has seen a massive change for Martin, closing his Stoke-On-Trent recording studio and moving across the world to the Tuen Mun area of Hong Kong. It is from here that he is beginning work on his first instrumental solo album.

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